Latest Forever 21 Online Purchase

Latest Forever 21 Online Purchase


Last week, I purchased an off-the-shoulder top from Free People. I’ve seen the trend that’s been going around with chokers being worn with off-the-shoulder tops. I really wanted to own a choker, so I surfed the web and found that the most affordable chokers are sold at Forever 21! Not only were they the most affordable, but they were also cute!

Soooo you know how I said that I originally went on their website to buy a choker… ONLY ONE CHOKER? Ha well I ended up putting more things in my cart than I intended to. Oops.


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I adore the simplicity of how these chokers look!

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B R A  &  B R A L E T T E

I bought both of them in size small.

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Both had these kinds of tags (shown above) attached.

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I remember when I was younger, mom told me that bras that have wire bother her. Ever since then, I’ve been buying wire-free bras. This one is wire-free! You can find it here: (it also comes in the color light blue!)

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OMG this bralette is gorgeous! Surprisingly, it’s the first one I own! AHHH I’m so joyous that I f i n a l l y have one! I love it.

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What I’m about to share with you just might save your life! Every time before I go to checkout online, I open my Retail Me Not app from my iPod touch to check if the place that I’m buying from has any coupon codes available for their online shop. It’s sooo worth it to check, even before you go to a store in person, it doesn’t have to be their online one. I checked Retail Me Not and that’s how I scored socks FOR FREE! Forever 21 gave me a lot of selections to choose from and I came to the conclusion that I wanted these adorable deer socks

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I wanted these cute cat ones at first -> but they didn’t have their gray, white, and black one in stock :/ I wanted the one with the black kitty because I have an actual black cat as a pet and I thought how freakin’ cool would it be to have black cat socks plus a real-life black cat!

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Deer in the headlights! The link to these socks has jumped right in front of you:

That’s all for this haul! Buuuut I’m not done typing yet haha. I saw a snap on snapchat a few days ago where a lady was explaining how she came to the front door of her house to find that somebody or people ripped open her packages, stole everything in it, and left the packaging in the bushes. How terrible is that! I pray that God won’t let him or her or them get away with the crime he or she or they committed. Let’s not use our freedom to do as we please but to do what is right.

Considering how I bought the chokers, bra, bralette, and socks online, I wanted to share that story with you, including this… With my past online purchases before this one and my Free People one, I used to constantly check my email in order to track my packages untilll I found out that I can input my phone number so that the delivery company can text me on when my package delivers, all the major stops my package is at, if there is any delay, and when it has arrived on my doorstep or in the mail! LOL I can’t believe I haven’t known for a long time that that was an option! It’s so convenient. Once I receive the text that it had been dropped off at my house, I can go outside right away to pick it up!

Let me know if you have purchased any of the things I showed you!

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Welcome to the xotinarebecca Blog

Welcome to the xotinarebecca Blog

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Hi hi! My name is Tina Rebecca Ko. Call me Tina, T, or T-Ko. The birth of the xotinarebecca blog began with my dream to be a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger, never having the motivation to do so, aaand finally taking action to start one.

➳ M A K E U P

My obsession with makeup started on the day I came across the beauty community on YouTube. I was probably a freshman in high school. The first makeup tutorial I watched was from a girl called Laura. Sorry, I don’t remember her channel name. To be honest, I un-subscribed because I lost interest in her videos and she wasn’t consistent with uploading. The second person I came across was Blair Fowler! Her channel is To this day, her everyday neutral makeup tutorial has been my go-to eye look!

I’ve gotten compliments on my makeup from friends and strangers (like from Starbucks baristas I didn’t even know haha) before. I’m no expert on makeup. I just reallyyy love it. Please no comments saying that I don’t need makeup because I already look pretty without it. Let’s be real, I bet every single girl who wears makeup is tired of hearing that. It gets on my nerves. Look, I believe that I am beautiful from the outside without any trace of makeup on, but I also believe that makeup is to be used to enhance my already pretty features, to give me an extra boost of confidence, and to allow me to have some fun + experiment with it.

With xotinarebecca, you should be expecting to see posts on makeup products that I dig and makeup products that just don’t work out for me, whether they be beauty products I purchase myself or beauty products that I receive from Influenster, complimentary for testing purposes.

➳ F A S H I O N

I don’t know how many fashion bloggers I follow on Instagram, but I bet its a whole lot. You know how some people have a certain solid style such as preppy, western, bohemian, or goth? Well, I personally don’t have one solid style that I stick with. I’m that kind of person who would mainly look at Pinterest  for inspiration. For example, I want to wear a light green coat. All I know is that it’s perfect to wear during the summertime or springtime, but I don’t know what to pair it with, so I would head straight to Pinterest and type in the search bar something similar to “how to wear a green coat.” A week ago, I was pulled into a whole bunch of sales online such as Nordstrom’s anniversary sale and Free People’s 50% off sale price sale. I’ve also been using some coupon codes from Retail Me Not (download that app on your smartphone if you haven’t already) on Forever 21’s website! I’d like to blame all the fashion bloggers I follow on Instagram, for making me spend a lot of money on clothes and jewelry haha.

Ever since I started stepping up my fashion game on my senior year of high school, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the things that I wore… not only said to me in person, but also in my yearbook! Here are what some of my friends mentioned in my yearbook (and yes I’m keeping them anonymous haha):

“You’re so cute, your outfit everyday is like a Hollywood model.”

“Also, did I mention I love your sense of fashion? Well, I do!”

“I ♡ your style and I hope you never change.”

“Btw I love all of your outfits you wear! ♡”

I used to be true to the saying “dress to impress,” but really, I want to dress to inspire. With xotinarebecca, you should be expecting to see pictures and descriptions of clothing and jewelry worn on me.

➳ L I F E S T Y L E

This can mean a lot of things for my blog. It can be anything from me sharing recipes that I tried out, my favorite foods, and my favorite drinks, OR me talking about my faith, being a student at Azusa Pacific University, vacation trips, music, volunteer opportunities that I’ve taken on, aaand the list goes on.

With xotinarebecca, you will learn more about me, aside from makeup and fashion me.

On my blog’s homepage, all of my social media will be linked above except for my Snapchat! My Snapchat user name is tinarko

Wanna make my day? Follow me on InstagramTwitterTumblr, and Pinterest + subscribe to my YouTube channel + add me on Snapchat!

I’m excited to see where xotinarebecca will go! Thank you so much.

X O,