8.16.16 {Tuesday}

Perry’s Cafe: 4610 Pacific Highway, San Diego, California 92110 

I stopped at Perry’s Cafe to fuel myself with the most important meal of the day… BREAKFAST! I sat on my seat as I looked down at my Spanish omelet which was a plain omelette topped with ranchero sauce. *Note that I took a bite before this thought* I thought to myself, is it worth it to take a picture of this dish? My answer I said back to myself was no. I’m sorry that it wasn’t anything special. I also ordered a blueberry muffin which was included in the meal. I thought it was unusual how their blueberry muffin was rectangle shaped. I think it was homemade, but again, it was weird because I’ve never seen a rectangle shaped muffin in my life until then haha 

After I ate, I entered into a different world… SEA WORLD of San Diego! 

Sea World: 500 Sea World Dr, San Diego, CA 92109

I started off my adventure with the Dolphin Days show! In all the shows I went to, including this one, I was blown away by how intelligent the featured animals were. A lady with a ukulele came out to kick off the show by singing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” It was kinda cheesy but did set off positive vibes. You bet that I was smiling, looking around, and singing along whilst my sisters had on a straight face haha

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pilot whales crashed the party


Shark encounter reminded me of how much I missed watching Shark Week

The tunnel was so cool and I was not scared at all! I told one of my sisters to take a few pictures of me in there but they all came out crappy mainly because of the lighting

Pets Rule was the second show we watched. If someone were to train my cat Midnight like the cats in this show, then w o w that would be a miracle 

On set
Why did the duck cross the road?
Here piggy piggy
unnamed (7)
Reserved for pets side aaand oh look there’s a cat that’s about to walk the tightrope!

Wild Arctic was pretty chilly duh but I wasn’t complaining. It was a perfect way to cool off from the heat outdoors

unnamed (13)
Chillin’ with Mr. Beluga Whale
unnamed (14)
Less than a minute and he abandoned me. I thought we were friends

Oh, hey there, new friend. Best friend.

The week before I left to San Diego, I saw pictures on Instagram of girls in a room petting penguins and I was so excited about that haha. Unfortunately when it came to Penguin Encounter, I did not have the opportunity to pet a penguin *sigh*

much fog and cold
Outdoor penguins!

I forgot which aquarium I saw these fish at 


I also forgot where I saw this little guy at. Oops


The next show I watched was Sea Lions LIVE. You have to watch the show to understand when I say this show was brilliant

On set
how stinkin’ cute is this baby sea lion!
Incredible trick I witnessed that this one did with a “coconut” on top of his little nose

I think everyone should have the joy Candice had when she pet a whole bunch of manta rays

The final show I enjoyed (even though it was the only show where I had to sit on bleachers that didn’t have any shade whatsoever) was One Ocean. I must say that One Ocean was a KILLER show haha


I don’t think I’ll ever know what it’s like to be a part of the wet zone. I’ve never fancied or dared sitting there for some reason

Wrapping up my time at Sea World, I hit up all the aquariums that I haven’t been to: Aquaria World of Fishes and Aquarium de la Mer

here’s a sleeping octopus for ya
Goodbye Sea World! I think the next time I’ll see you is when I have a kid or kids and I’ll have him, her, or them with me haha. My future husband will also be with us. God bless my future husband

Exiting Sea World, I returned to the world I was in before. Starving, thirsty, SO ready for dinner… Phil’s BBQ was a must

Phil’s BBQ: 3750 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110

Ribs are my favorite when it comes to BBQ so ordering lots of baby back ribs was a must. For side orders, we chose cole slaw and macaroni salad. Ashley doesn’t like ribs, so she ordered a chick-less tickler (isn’t that a funny name? haha) which was chunks of white meat chicken seasoned and BBQ’d. For sides, she decided on two onion rings and fresh cut fries. She let me eat her leftovers and they were amazing ugh

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Phil’s BBQ has sparkling water!

Stay tuned for Day Three of My San Diego Vacation!

X O , 


p.s: I chose this color to sign off because it reminds me of yummy BBQ sauce haha I make myself laugh sometimes



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