My Haircut

My Haircut

It’s been a month and a week ever since my stylist cut off eight inches of my hair, and I still get questions about it, so I thought why not do a blog post all about my haircut…

and here we are.

One of my sisters usually trims my hair for me because for the life of me, I cannot trim or cut my hair myself. She’s been so occupied with school that trimming my hair became a task she pushed aside. I was frustrated my hair was growing longer than I wanted it to and I knew no one other than my sister who could trim my hair for me right away. My only option was Supercuts near university. I talked to my other sister, Ashley, who goes to the same university as I go to, and found out she wanted to cut her hair, so I was like let’s go to Supercuts together! During the weekend before we decided to go, trimming my long hair turned into a desire to cut my long hair! I mean, I absolutely loved having my hair long, but something inside of me encouraged a change when it came to my hair. I played it safe and not too risky, already planning what length I wanted it cut which was for it not to be short short, knowing for sure that I didn’t want it to be shoulder length short. The fact that summer was coming up played no role in my wanting to cut my hair short *just a note*

In the afternoon of April 5, it happened. I walked in to Supercuts confident in my choice to let my long hair go. I told my stylist what length I wanted my hair to be and she was totally supportive of my decision. She said she was excited for me! Then she goes, “You know… Your hair is beautiful. You can donate it if you’d like.” Hesitant, I asked how many inches she would have to take off if I agreed to have it donated. She said at least ten inches, but at the time I was scared to cut that much off even though it was just going to be two inches more. If you would like to know details about donating your hair to financially disadvantaged children under the age of twenty-one suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis, feel free to ask me about it in person, comment below, or shoot me a message. I’ve donated my hair two times before. Anyways, my long hair was like a security blanket to me, so like I said before, I didn’t want my hair to be cut in what I pictured to be “too short.” But then a few weeks passed and I started to watch Netflix’s hit show “13 Reasons Why.” The episode where Hannah gets a haircut really got me thinking that I should’ve donated my hair. Hannah looked absolutely beautiful with short hair. I was pretty disappointed in myself after watching that episode because I thought maybe, just maybe I could’ve rocked that length of hair as well, and on the 5th of April, I turned down the opportunity to have my hair donated. I ended up getting over my disappointment in myself by accepting that the past is the past and I can’t go back and change it. There will be another chance for me to do it in the future. I told myself it’s okay that I chose not to donate my hair at the time.

While working on my hair, there was a time when my stylist asked me what I wanted her to do when it came to bangs. I told her I didn’t want bangs, just something to frame my face. She also asked me if I wanted her to shampoo and condition my hair, which I ended up not having her do.

When my stylist finished doing my hair, she turned my chair around for me to look at the myself. Wow. I instantly fell in love with the change. Eight inches of my hair- GONE. She took her time on my hair, which I really appreciate, and she did a brilliant job. Cheers!

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It was weird when I walked out of Supercuts because I kept on touching my hair but of course it was not the same as running my fingers through my long hair, so it was pretty much feeling less hair and grasping more air haha if you know what I mean. This situation leads me to start talking about the pros and cons I’ve found in having short hair.


  1.  It takes less time to straighten
  2.  It takes less time to air-dry after shampooing and conditioning 
  3. It doesn’t get tangled as much
  4. It’s easier to comb, especially combing it with my Wet Brush after a shower
  5. A ponytail is better-looking on me with my short hair rather than my long hair


  1. It takes getting used to when curling it. I use a wand to curl my hair and after I got a haircut I found it difficult to work with shorter chunks of hair. I remember the first time I curled my hair with it being short, it felt like it took forever to curl everything. With longer hair, it took me approximately 8-10 minutes to curl everything. I still have problems sometimes but not as much
  2. It isn’t as fun tying my hair into a bun as it was when I had long hair
  3. Looking back at old pictures kinda made me miss my long hair at first 

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As far as questions go, I only got two questions on social media and way more questions asked of me in person. Each and every compliment I received filled me with joy. The only person who gave me a hard time when it came to my haircut was mom haha. When I had long hair, she loved it, but was also envious. Mom got her hair cut a long time ago and her hair literally NEVER GREW after that, so that is why she was like why would you cut your hair, Tina. I mean, she isn’t angry with me. She thinks my short hair is k i n d a cute haha kinda, but she thinks I look way better with long hair. 

One night I was eating dinner at The Den *a dining place at my school* when I ran into one of my friends who saw me with my short hair for the first time in person. She asked me how I liked it, told me how a lot of people are saying she should get her hair cut because they think she’d look super cute with short hair, and wanted to know what I thought because she was very unsure of whether or not to do it. I pretty much told her to definitely go for it. 

I haven’t said this out loud yet, and I can’t believe I’m putting this on the blog, but…


My hair grows pretty fast. I’m excited to keep track of how many years it takes for my hair to grow in to the same length it was before I got it cut. 

I would end this post here but I had a last-minute thought of adding in what my favorite hairstyle is when having short hair, which is the half up half down hairdo! Whenever I do it, my hair has to be curled. I won’t do it when my hair is straight because it looks way better on me with curly hair

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I hope this post answered all of your questions considering my haircut. If my post inspired you to get your hair cut, please please please let me know!

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